Wallis Islands Discovers CBD Oil

The CB1 receptors present in the brain are responsible for regulating coordination & movement, thinking, memories, appetite, emotions & mood, as well as pain. On the other hand, CB2 receptors deal with inflammation and pain.

Previously, it was believed that CBD acts directly on the CB2 receptors, but it’s now clear that it doesn’t act directly on any of the two receptors. Instead, it appears to influence a person’s body to utilize more and more of its own cannabinoids. Wallis Islands is coming to the rescue for these products.

CBD’s Benefits

CBD has numerous potential health benefits, including:

Pain relief: In most cases, people utilize prescription/over-the-counter (OTC) drugs to alleviate mild/chronic pain and stiffness. However, some people believe that CBD is a more effective natural remedy for pain and inflammation. Research has also confirmed that the non-psychoactive ingredients of marijuana, such as CBD oil, could be an excellent treatment for chronic pain.
Quitting smoking & drug withdrawals: There’s some promising proof that the use of CBD oil might help an individual to quit smoking. It’s been established that smokers who used inhalers containing certain amounts of CBD oil, smoked fewer cigarettes and didn’t experience any additional craving for nicotine. Besides, CBD may also be a useful substance for persons who abuse opioids.
Patients with substance abuse disorders may also benefit from the use of CBD oil. This natural extract can help relieve anxiety, pain, insomnia, and mood symptoms associated with drug/substance abuse. Also, it’s been found that CBD can as well be used to reduce withdrawal symptoms.
Epilepsy plus mental health conditions: CBD has also been studied for its ability to treat epilepsy as well as neuropsychiatric disorders because of its strong anti-seizure properties. Concerning neurological disorders, CBD may help cure neurodegeneration, psychiatric, schizophrenia, and neuronal diseases.
Fighting cancer: Studies have shown that CBD serves as an incredible anti-cancer agent. It blocks cancerous cells from spreading around the patient’s body and invading an area completely. This compound suppresses the growth of the cancer cells and facilitates their death.

Due to its low levels of toxicity, CBD oil can be an effective natural cancer treatment. However, more research needs to be done to determine its synergistic effects.
Curing anxiety disorders: Patients suffering from chronic anxiety are usually advised to avoid using cannabis since OTHC can aggravate anxiety & paranoia in certain people. However, it’s been found that CBD oil might help relieve the anxiety experienced by people suffering from anxiety-related disorders, such as social anxiety, post-traumatic stress, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and general anxiety disorder. Here at Wallis Islands we believe everyone should be able to use this.